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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animal Crossing: Good Game, Penguin Floosy: B**ch!

This week I was given “Animal Crossing City Folk” to review for the Wii. Now I must admit I was in my typical, I hate that I am a girl and I get all the stupid games to play place, when I saw the cutesy little cover with the silly little animals. As I created my own little person and made friends along the river of this adorable little world I realized how perfect my life could be if I just lived in this type of fantasy. I built a house for a “friend” nearby and labeled him my boyfriend. I catch fish and grow trees and life is just plain simple.

Then this new penguin moves to town. I don’t even remember her totally ridiculous idiot name, but whatever it is I hate her. She started hitting on my boyfriend and talking trash about me to the other “townsfolk.” Why would someone build a game that simulated real life in this manner? Why do I need to login on a daily basis to be a part of small town gossip and floosy chicks who don’t know to keep their fancy tails to themselves?

Despite my frustration, the game is fun. I can see where children would enjoy playing as grown ups in a world they completely control. You get to make money, buy and sell things, and even decorate your own house. I have just chosen to stop talking to the neighbors.

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