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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why Girls are just as Good as Guys...Reason 1

When we are put in the fake 3D world of gaming land, the playing field is entirely leveled. The controller in our hand is the same as that of a man. We are able to build our skills, our bodies, our strength in the exact same ways. This takes out all of the sexism of the real world. Our female bodies are limited in this dimension. We often times do not have the genetics so we thereby cannot get as strong, or as tall, or as imposing. But in the gaming world I am completely capable of taking down any of my male counterparts. I can rise to a level much superior than them. In this world, all that matters is my mind, my focus, and my hand-eye cordination. With dedication any girl gamer is capable of all that guy gamers are. In this world we can level the inadequacies of human existence and build ourselves to the power we were destined to have.