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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NASCAR??? NASCAR 2011 for Wii

Beggars can't be choosers and I suppose I should be happy my pleas have been answered. I am finally not reviewing some girly, stupid game. I remain stuck on the Wii games because the boys think the platform is "lame" but I don't mind that. NASCAR, seriously? That's the boy game I get? Not only is it the whitest sport ever, the racing in a circle thing is idiotic, right?

Man, was I wrong! On TV it might just look like a bunch of crazy rednecks who are drinking themselves silly but the tension, the killer attitude and the slick tracks make all your senses heightened. The steering with the Wii took a bit to get used to but once you get the knack you feel all the vibration and speed of a real track. I need to take this time to admit that Joe Bob is the one who taught me the value of this particular sport. I might have been whining a bit about having to play this particular racing game, but as he explained to me the technique and long-standing tradition I finally saw the light.

Joe Bob just paints this story of the under appreciated "good old boys" of the South. They have had it rough for a long time, no one lets them live down their past and this sport is just one little way where they get to show their real Southern Pride. He took the time to sit down and play it with me (I won, can you believe it?) and I can say Alex seriously looked worried when she walked in. She should be. I have goals with that man and he obviously appreciates a nice, non-Asian girl. I think I can give Alex a run for her money. She started it, coming into the office and making all the guys googly-eyed. Eat my dust beauty queen, your man appreciates a real woman....ME!