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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am not sure how I feel about the new girl in the office, Alex Cameron. While I would like to think this will elevate the respect of women in our workplace just looking at her makes me think not. I mean, who does she think she is? You can't look like that and garner respect! She should play it down a bit, she's not a super model, she's the boss. How can I look at her pretty, pretty face and not want to spoon her eyes out? Of course, if she is half as tough in the real world as she is in the gaming arena, I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of that sword. Watching the guys oogle over her makes me sick. I can only hope it will turn her stomach just the same. I mean that has to be so mortifying to have men drool and fawn at your every whim. Linus couldn't even speak! How lame.

I have to give her a chance. She is likely to give me some great reviews because she will understand my fight to be recognized. She will understand my deeper need to please and be noticed. She might look like Lucy Liu but she has the brains of a genius or she wouldn't be where she is. We are approaching a whole new world, one where the women will rise to the top of the heap, be able to knock those dudes into submission and I will finally win over the most perfectly perfect specimen of a man and live happily ever after. Of course I am talking about Ryan, he's just so perfect and he even singled me out the other day... I mean Ryan Reynolds naturally, there are no other Ryan's on the planet. Scarlett you are a fool! You didn't deserve him anyway!

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