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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wii Channels, What's the Point?

I don't understand why I need to be able to use a Wii as an internet connection. I mean, I know why it is connected to the internet, but why would I want to surf the web via my Wii? Am I that addicted to YouTube that I can't bother to look at my computer screen? For that matter, why I need the Wii to give me the weather forecast, what am I? 80 years old? Like I ever go outside anyway, shouldn't they know their audience? You already have to have the Wii connected to a network in order to be able to get any of this information and I have to believe if you are connected you have some sort of computer you can use. It just goes to show everyone is always so busy getting in the middle of technology they don't think anything through. They just think we are all idiot bimbettes who think that if you just add more features we will think you are better.

I love being able to connect to play with other people, to be online and take on someone across the world in tennis, but I am not using my gaming console in order to get news updates. I just think there are many more interesting things you could fill that space up with. Why not deliver free trials of new Nintendo games to my Wii? Why not let me have my own channel so I can give a real review for the games? Now there is a real idea. That would show all those bimbos who's boss. Can you imagine me with my very own review channel? Ryan would finally have to take me seriously. He could see me as the master gamer I am instead of just the girl in the office. There is something about being on the screen that makes your opinion so much more important. Presidential elections turn on the viewpoints of people like George Clooney, she who shall not be named but owns babies from 5 out of 10 countries, and even Tom Cruise. Why shouldn't people listen to me when I have my own Wii Channel. Can't you see it, I could be the flagship reporter for the new Wii network. I wonder how I can campaign for this. Nathan used to know someone...stay tuned, my Wii Channel is coming, I am going to make it happen.

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