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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comic-Con: Playboy Bunnies and Felicia Day, My Nemesises...Nemesii?

Comic-Con is the Holy Grail for gamers. The only things slightly higher might be E3, BUT at Comic-Con you get all the really cool cross-over Hollywood stuff. My experience was amazing, I was hanging with the Playstation guys and I think a few really loved me. I was kicking butt on this totally new Scribbles game and then Ryan came by and beat the whole thing in a matter of minutes. While in my head I believed he was saving me from the horrible monsters in the game, I know he was just showing off.

As a group we managed our way into the Playboy Camp party. Bunnies everywhere and suddenly I don't even exist!? WTF? Seriously? Like these bimbettes could hold a candle to my pownage skills. But seriously, you put boobs out there and boys go weak. I sought solace in the fact it was actually a lot of fun and despite my hatred for them, the girls were actually fairly nice. Zip lines, t-shirts and lots of time to chat. Trent and I actually had a great long talk about the reality of Green Lantern vs. Captain America. At one point he got so excited he almost fell off our bean bag. Sometimes that boy can be cute. SOMETIMES.

Next night, EW party and boom! There is Seth Green and his gorgeous wife. Man, how I wanted to hate her, but not only is she gamer chic, she's uber nice. I guess since Seth is already married I can be pleased to know he chose well. I just wish she had one tiny flaw to give the rest of us hope. Then we end up following this group to another party, Ryan seemed to have the "in" everywhere making me kind of want to gag until we walk in and there he is. Captain Hammer himself. Can you believe it? Screw following Ryan around, I had only one mission. I was already inside and nothing was going to stop me.

I moved across the dance floor and just as I approached the hot Mr. Fillion, out of no where pops in Felicia Day. Like she's all that? But no, everyone loves her! Lines all over Comic-Con, boys following her around and next thing you know it has turned into a virtual "spot light" dance as they twirl across the floor together, looking happy, and gorgeous and overall making me sick. They are obviously totally BFFs and I stood there pea green with envy, I have no trouble admitting that. I am at least as cool as Felicia Day, just know one knows it yet. Again, wanted to hate her but as the song changed and everything moved faster we had a blast group dancing. She's nice too, can you believe it!? What is wrong with the world...I know these girls have some secret dark evil place, but I am meeting all the "good" ones. I guess that is one more girl I have to remove from my "Wall of Hatred." The night ended with me actually smiling, launching our magazine has definitely given us some new perks. Of course, it had to end badly as some un-named famous moron spilled a fruity red drink all down the front of my dress. Seriously? Why me?

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